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Green Fields - Blue Poppy Seeds 100g

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In the west Blue poppy seeds are used principally in confectionery and in baking.
Like several other spicy seeds, they are sprinkled on breads and buns.

A variety of Western cakes and pastries, for example in poppy cakes, strudels and Danish pastries.
Poppy seed complements honey spread an bread, giving a nice contrast of texture Fried in butter.
poppy seed can be added to noodles or pasta. It flavours vegetables and their accompanying sauces, especially asparagus and root vegetables.
Sprinkled into coleslaw, the seeds give a contrast of both colour and texture.
They are used to top creamed potatoes and au gratin dishes, and sometimes appear in fish dishes.
In Middle Eastern and Jewish cookery, poppy seeds go on breads and in cakes and candies and are
often seen studding pretzels.

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