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Green Fields - Garlic Flakes 150g

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When rehydrated in water, garlic flakes provide much of the flavour and texture of fresh garlic. The uses of garlic are infinite and it is an important ingredient in the cuisine of most nations.

A small amount will ‘lift’ dishes of meat, fish and vegetables and be virtually undetectable. Garlic is essential in the robust cookery of the Mediterranean region.
Garlic butters accompany snails, mussels and grills of fish or meat.
Pasta dishes often call for sauces flavoured with garlic.
French and Spanish aioli and Greek skordalia are powerful garlic sauces. Garlic appears frequently in soups, salad dressings.
Patés, terrines, salamis and smoked spiced sausages. Joints of lamb and beef roasts benefit greatly by spiking the skin with slivers of garlic before roasting, few or many, according to taste.
For just a hint of garlic, rub the salad bowl or cooking pot with a cut clove. A bruised garlic clove can be used to effect in a bottle of vinegar or salad dressing.

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Store in a cool dry place 

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