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Let's Traid and Zaytoun

Let's Traid have grown to become the largest distributorship for Zaytoun over the last 10 years. As a not for profit company, 

Let's Traid work as a unique group of volunteers, who act as Collection Points all over the UK.

The Let's Traid mission and ethos that has facilitated this process, is to support the Palestinian farmers to be able to return to their lands and continue to do what their forefathers did. 

The Let's Traid's objective is to tackle injustice through fair trade.

Let's Traid are this year joining hands with Ecklee, to help them supply Zaytoun's products via their online shop. Ecklee have been a longstanding supplier of Zaytoun's Medjoul dates, selling through their shop in South London. 

The mission stands, to be able to continue to support the Palestinian cause and facilitate the sales of their produce through a network of people who wish to do good in any way they can.

Medjoul dates

Medjoul dates are known as the ‘King of Dates’ due to their size and rich caramel succulence. Both gourmet and wholesome, Medjouls are high in fibre and potassium, with a natural sweetness that makes them a delicious treat any time of the day.

Dates are one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits and thrive in Palestine on the fertile soils around the ancient city of Jericho.

Available in 5kg box, 800g box and 800g case of 6.

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Rooted in time and tradition. Medjoul dates from Palestine
Hand picked and rain fed

Olive oil

Produced from rain-fed and hand-picked olives that have been pressed on the day of picking, this award-winning extra virgin oil connects you with farmers whose ancestors have tended their trees by hand for countless generations.

Naturally organic and ethically sourced from small-scale farmers in the West bank, this is the world’s first olive oil to be awarded Fairtrade certification in 2009.

Available in 1L and 500ml. 

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